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Happy New Year's Everyone!

It feels a little surreal that it's already a new year. I mean, it still hasn't hit me that a new decade is here and the holiday season is over. I guess it'll catch up to me eventually! With the start of the new year, naturally, I begin to reflect on the past year and think about the goals I want to accomplish. I do new years resolutions/goals post every year on the blog and it's a great way to not only keep me accountable by having it out there online but a great way for you all to get some ideas on what you want to accomplish in this upcoming year.

1. Practice better self-care
I had briefly touched in the last post that last year wasn't the best for me mentally (or physically). Fitness had become something placed on a back burner, my diet wasn't where I wanted to be, I had started to get frequent anxiety attacks and continuously found myself in a "meh" slump more often than not. With that being said I want to make self-care a priority this year whether that means saying "no" to more social outings so I can rest or getting back into a gym routine I can stick to. 

2. Be more consistent with the blog
I believe I had made this a goal last year and it kinda flopped at the beginning of the year... BUT, I want to stick with a consistent posting schedule here on The Daily Amy. I've gotten pretty good at my two a week postings and starting to work on varying my content on my Instagram page. I also want to get better at planning out and executing my blog posts a few days in advance instead of staying up the night before typing away. Time management is definitely something I need to get better at this upcoming year as well. 

3. Take more pictures!
This one may sound silly, but as I look back on the past year I realized I barely took any photos that weren't for the blog. At the same time, I'm glad I'm enjoying being more in the moment, but also it's great to have something to look back on. 

4. Cook more
I started to get back into cooking again near the second half of 2019 and I really want to continue it. I realized as I look back on the majority of my money has gone to eating out at restaurants. Not only will cooking more at home save me a lot of money, it'll help me stay on track on eating healthier. 

5. Meet new people / make friends!
Ok, again I know this may sound silly but hear me out. Ever since I made the move back out to Charlotte I've been stuck in a little rut of going to work, going home and then hanging out with my boyfriend. Many of the friends I had out in Charlotte when I went to school here have moved out of the city. Last year I really struggled with putting myself out there to meet new people and make connections and I really want to get better at that this year. 

And that's it! Of course, I have a few other personal goals written down to work towards this year, but those are the main ones I want to focus on this upcoming year. I'm so excited to see what this year holds and to have you all follow along!

What are your goals for this year? Let me know down below! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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