I have been on a green clothing kick lately! From dresses to shorts to accessories I've been feeling green lately... It may be partially due to me trying to hold on to college as long as I can since my school colors are green and white

Green high waisted shorts
J.Crew Green Shorts
Preppy Fashion
J.Crew Kelly Green Shorts
Green high waisted shorts
Preppy outfit inspiraiton
Kelly Green shorts
Styling green high waisted shorts

Happy Monday friends!

Today is the first Monday of me being a college graduate! It's crazy how fast this past weekend went by and now I'm officially in the "real world." It still hasn't fully hit me that I graduated yet and I don't think it will until this fall when everyone is headed back to school. It's kind of weird. I even almost got my stuff ready for class last night only to realize I didn't have to go class anymore... Now on to my next task... job hunting. If you all have any tips/advice/job openings/words of wisdom send them my way!

In the meantime, I'm excited to have more time to put towards my blog and spend time with friends/family. I don't think it'll hit me that I actually graduated until this fall when I see everyone going back to school. That's going to be WEIRD.

Enough post grad talk, let's get onto what this post is really about.. these shorts! I spotted these kelly green shorts on J.Crew's sale rack a couple weeks ago and could not resist picking them up. I've actually starting to accumulate a lot of green clothing pieces lately which is kind of bad timing on my part. My school colors are green and white and I'm pretty sure I've owned about two green clothing items and one of them being a school t-shirt. Now that I'm alumni (SO WEIRD) I've started to have a small collection of green clothing items that would have come in handy over the past few years for various school events... oh well. 

I think one of my favorite part about these shorts has to be all of the ruffle detailing. They add such a fun girly touch and make them a little extra special. The length on these babies is perfect too. I think I've mentioned this a couple times before, but I'm low key over (haha let's be honest, I was never a part of this trend) the whole "half of my butt is hanging out of my shorts" look. 

So, let me know, what color are you obsessed with lately? Let me know in the comments down below! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and as always, thank you for reading!

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