I don't know about you, BUT I'M FEELING 22!!!!  C'mon, you know it was bound to happen sometime this post, so why not get it out of the way at the beginning of this post? 


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Happy Thursday friends!

Today is my 22nd birthday!! *Insert every party emoji in existence* For the past three years I've done some type of birthday post (check them out here and here) and as requested on Twitter, I am sharing 22 lessons I've learned over 22 years. It's hard to believe that I'm already 2 years into my twenties and how crazy time has flown by. I've learned so much over the years and I'm excited to share some of them with you all today!

1. Be yourself, people are going to judge you no matter what. - if you want to wear a loud printed pair of pants, do it. If you want to Instastory in Target, do it. Do what makes YOU happy. 

2. It's ok to not be ok. - despite what Instagram shows us, no one is happy ALL the time

3. Don't be afraid to double text. - Just send the message, who cares if it's taboo. Who says there needs to be a rule to communicating via text?  

4. Keep in contact with people. - Say hi, send them a Snapchat, tell them you miss them. 
They'll appreciate it and it's not weird, I promise. 

5. Call home often. - You can always carve out 30 minutes to check-in.

6. You don't have to document every little second. - put the phone down and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the people around you, Facebook and Instagram can wait. 

7. At the same time, take lots of pictures. - Don't be afraid to ask people to take photos for you. You'll thank yourself for having something to look back on

8. Always pack an umbrella. - Just do it.

9. It's ok to size up. - A number doesn't define you and no one knows what size you're wearing anyway.

10. If you don't like seeing someone's posts on your timeline, unfriend them. - If you have someone in your life that makes you unhappy, distance yourself from them. Stop complaining and take the negativity out of your life.

11. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go. - Stay hydrated.

12. Wear what makes you happy. - If you want to wear a dress and heels, wear a dress and heels. If you want to curl your hair, curl your hair. It's better to be overdressed than under, right?

13. Always arrive at least 5 - 10 minutes early. - You'll thank yourself if you run into traffic, have to use the bathroom, what have you. 

14. No one every regretted working out. - Stop thinking about it and just do it. 

15. Take care of yourself. - You only have one body, take care of it. Eat an apple, go on a run, wear sunscreen. 

16. Keep your receipts. - You'll save SO much money actually returning the items you bought and end up not liking anymore instead of having them collect dust in your closet.

17. Stop doubting yourself. - You are capable of SO much. Stop psyching yourself out and go out there and do great things.

18. Don't be ashamed of being a "lightweight." - It's easier on the wallet.

19. Smile often. - It makes you feel better and adds more positive energy into the world. Plus, it might brighten someone's day also. 

20. Experiences > material things. - Sure that dress is cute, but you'll get tired of it by next season. Take that money and go on a trip with your friends, go try a new restaurant, do something. Those memories will be way more valuable. Plus, you have plenty of dresses already.

21. Every day is a reason to celebrate. - Life is too short. Be thankful for a new day and waking up healthy. *But don't let this be an excuse to pop champagne on the daily... everything in moderation

22. Glitter is always messy. - It may sound like a great idea at the time... until you have to clean up afterward.

And that's it! Hopefully, you all enjoyed this post and got a chance to learn a little more about me. It's been so fun celebrating my last three birthdays with you all on my blog! I hope you all have a wonderful day and be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of my birthday festivities!

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