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Happy Tuesday friends!

Apologies for posting today's Pink Talks post so late. If you have following me on Snapchat then you may have saw that this past weekend was a busy one! If you didn't know, last Thursday was RJ's 21st birthday and we had been celebrating all weekend long. 

What I've been doing...

RJ's 21st Birthday! 
Like I said, majority of my week was pretty much planning for RJ's birthday weekend. His actual birthday was on Thursday and we celebrated everyday up until Sunday! Incase you haven't noticed, we love to go big or go home for birthdays... If you followed me on Snapchat (@amy.pnp) then you may have saw most of the festivities! It was such a fun weekend.

The birthday weekend started out with a trip to meet up with his parents for his first legal drink! I had class all day on Thursday so as soon as 6:00pm rolled around I headed straight to my apartment, packed up and we hit the road! We meet up at a bar and had fun catching up, playing games and celebrating! Of course RJ made his first drink a Guinness! 

On Friday we then made the trip back to Charlotte and had his birthday dinner at his favorite pizza place... Mellow Mushroom! The pizza was delicious and the people there are always so fun and happy!

Saturday was RJ's surprise party! Can I first off tell you HOW HARD this was to keep from him? We spend a lot of time with each other and I was so afraid he would take a peak in my agenda or it'll accidentally slip out!

We had invited RJ's friends and family to come join in and celebrate with us! I think he really was surprised, especially that his family made the trip out to Charlotte to celebrate. I spend pretty much everyday with RJ so it was hard trying to find sneaky ways to sneak out and set up the party and get all the supplies ready. I had code words with everything so he wouldn't find out. RJ actually thought we were coming over to my place with his roommates to have taco night and play Monopoly! Haha! The party was so great and we ended up bar hopping afterwards.

I was really bad at taking photos of the decorations before hand and a lot of the photos I don't feel comfortable sharing due to privacy, but here are a couple from the party!

The weekend ended with a Sunday brunch (how else would you end a fun weekend?) with his family. I just want to thank all of RJ's friends and family for helping out to bring his surprise together. It was so fun to celebrate him and I hope he enjoyed his birthday weekend!

What I've been loving...

I recently have started using Rocksbox and I have been loving it! If you're not familiar with Rocksbox, it's a jewelry rental service where you are able to rent 3 designer pieces at a time and send them back for 3 more pieces! You just need to create an account, take a quiz with your jewelry preferences and just wait for for you pieces to be shipped out to you. You can even fill out a wish list of jewels you'll like to receive.

The service is $19 a month, but you can try it out with your first month free with the code: "PASTELNPINKXOXO"!

Wish list
I haven't done much shopping lately outside of RJ's birthday presents, but here are some goodies that I have been eyeing lately! 

That's it for today's Pink Talks! I'm trying to get everything back together and into a routine again. With Fall Break and all the birthday festivities being so close together I feel like I've been all over the place! 

I hope all of you have a wonderful Tuesday and as alway, thank you for reading!

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