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One of my New Year's resolutions, like many others, was to workout more consistently. Before when I would workout it would be for two to three weeks straight then it would be two weeks where I wouldn't even touch my running shoes. January is starting to wind down and so far I have been doing good on getting my butt to the gym six days a week, every week. I actually started my workout resolution the week of Christmas (because who says resolutions have to start on January 1st?). I have even got my roommates on track to go to the gym with me!

One of the things that have made me want to head to the gym more is cute workout clothes! I know it sounds silly, but it's true. When I have a cute workout outfit on I want to hit the gym and kind of show it off. Think about it, if you have on some stained sweatpants and baggy t-shirt on would really want to go out to the gym? Probably not. I know working out isn't all about what you wear, but if it makes you feel good and motivated to go to the gym, why not put some thought into your outfit? Some of my favorite places to get my workout clothes are Forever 21 and Old Navy. They have super cute workout clothes that won't break the bank. Where do you like to buy your workout clothes?

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