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Hellooooo friends! 

I'm so excited to finally sit down and share some apartment updates with you all. If you guys missed out, Christian and I moved! We moved out of Charlotte about two weeks ago and have been slowly making Winston-Salem our home. Things have been a little hectic with moving, work, exploring a new city and some unexpected car troubles. It's been a complete 180 from our super sedintary and redundant lifestyle we've been living this past year but in the best way possible. 

Between trying to balance working full time and unpacking our apartment is slowly coming together one box at a time. One thing I couldn't wait for when moving into our space was getting started on decorating! Since I had lived with Christian and his brother for the past year I didn't really get much of a say in how the space looked so it's been fun getting to pick out some new pieces and make this space reflect both Christian and mine's personalities.

With that being said, I'm so excited to be partnering with Desenio in today's blog post! Desenio is an online retailer offering a large selection of poasters, prints and picture frames. 

desenio website

I had mentioned many times before, but Christian and I have drastically different decor styles. Christian loves more minaml designs and leans towards more black and white while I love bold statement pieces and color. Despite us having drastically different styles we were able to find prints we both loved on Desenio. We had so much fun scrolling through all of the different categories but their fashion and kitchen prints are some of my favorites. 

black and white kitchen prints from desenio

Food and drinks are our love languages and we wanted to pick out some prints for our kitchen and bar cart. Mojitos are my drink of choice and I love this simple recipe print. I think it would look great framed on our bar cart and we'll always have the recipe on hand to recreate this refreshing summer drink! Going with the recipe theme, Christian picked outt his cute black and white ramen noodle print that would be a great additio to our kithchen space.

coffee corner with print from desenio

One of the very first corners of the apartment we set up was our little coffee corner. With lifting and moving boxes all day we needed to make sure we had our little caffine station ready to go. This little coffee poster was actually the first piece we picked out from the site and think that it goes with the space so well. I can't wait to finalize this space with some cute trays and coffee stirs!

Our apartment is pretty neutral and pretty much the only space where I am able to make "girly" is my side of the office so you bet I am incorporating alll the pinks and florals that I can. This french fry poaster immediately caught my eye and I KNEW I had to have it. I've actually be planning my office decor around this print because I love it so much. I mean, is that not the most Amy print you've ever seen? To go with the infamous french fry poaster I found this exploading champagne poster which reminds me of cotton candy. 

I'm thinking of making this little corner my content creation corner so you all may be seeing more of these prints in the future!

living room layout - neutral modern

The last space in our apartment we've yet to really set up is our living room. Due to some shipping delays our couch still won't be in for another month even though we ordered it back in February! It's been a bit of bummer but it's also been nice ot have some extra room to work with when unpacking. 

Until our couch comes in, here's a little mock up of our living room design! We pretty much have everything except for the star of our show, lol. When shopping for art prints for our above our couch I wanted something to tie in all of the colors of our living room and something abstract. These abstract wave posters were exactly what I was looking for! I love how they tie our living room together and gives our space a bit of a modern look.

Where are your favorie places to shop for artwork for your home? Let me know in the comments down below! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more apartment updates and on YouTube where I've been vlogging our entire move! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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