Winter outfits I've been loving lately

Ok, so fun fact I actually hate the cold. Can't stand it. Wouldn't survive up north. I'm a baby about it. So needless to say the south is where I'll probably be living for the rest of eternity because the idea of having to shovel my sidewalk on the regular every winter does not sound appealing to me. 

But, I will say the only good (ok, one of the good things I'm sure there are plenty other) about the cooler weather is outfits you get to put together. I love warm weather but I feel like you can only get so creative with mixing and matching your tank tops and skirts, ya know? I mean, if I'm going to be shivering and miserable I mine as well do it style, am I right?

Today I thought it would be fun to share some winter outfits I've been loving lately to hopefully give you all some inspo on what to wear for the cooler months as well as an insight on some of the trends I have been loving. An alternative title for this post can also be "outfits I've worn to the grocery store this past month," so take it however you like. 

Oversized Hoodie + Tights

winter outfits I've been loving | oversized sweatshirt dress
Hoodie Dress c/o use code DAILYAMY15 for 15% off || Tights || Boots

Kickin' it off with the most recent outfit pairing: an oversized hoodie and sheer tights. It's like, she's cool and casual, but wants to be dressy and cute. Also, the oversized hoodie moment is kind of giving me Ariana Grande vibes??? Let me know if you feel the same. 

Light wash Jeans + White Booties
winter outfits I've been loving
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If you've been around for a hot sec then you know that I'm strictly a black jean gal in the winter months, but lately, the light wash jeans have been having a moment for me. I raved about these boyfriend jeans this past summer and have been loving pairing them with my go-to white booties and sweaters in the winter. 

winter outfits I've been loving
Shacket c/o: use code the DAILYAMY15 for 15% off || Sweater || Jeans || Booties

Ok, who isn't on board with the shacket trend by now? I mean these babies are so cozy and can be paired with so much. I've been wearing this purple one with simple white sweaters and black jeans for the days I have to go into the office, but can totally see myself wearing this with my white tennis skirt as we transition into spring. 

The All Black Look
winter outfits I've been loving

Not sure why, but winter is when my "edgier" side comes out and I tend to gravitate towards the color black. I think I'm just mourning the warm weather and need the slimming color to hide all the extra treats I've been eating... anywho. This cropped sweatshirt and boyfriend jean combo has been a go to for grocery runs. Add some gold accessories and you look Pinterest worthy.

Statement Denim Jackets
winter outfits I've been loving

I love a good denim jacket but add a little bit of *spice* to them and I'm ALL FOR IT. This sequin start denim jacket is a recent addition to my collection and let me tell ya it's everything I could ever ask for. It's oversized, has sparkles, slightly distressed, and makes me feel like a bad b. What more could you want? 

winter outfits I've been loving

And lastly, a more realistic look at what I have been for most of the winter. Matching sweat sets have been all over my TikTok and I couldn't resist the pretty purple one. Basically, catch me in anything with an elastic waistband if I'm not having to leave my house for groceries. 

What fashion trends have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments down below!




  1. That statement denim jacket is RAD! I could totally see myself wearing it to the grocery store too. lol

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  2. Thank you very much for this great post. Jenna