If you're in the blogging/influencer industry or follow any bloggers you may have heard the term "liketoknow.it" thrown around a few times. So what exactly is liketoknow.it?? In short, liketoknow.it or LTK is a way many bloggers and content creators can share where to purchase items they share on their Instagram feeds and in return make a small commission from doing so. It's completely free for both the content creator and the shopper to use as well as a great way to help support your favorite creators! Today I'm diving all into what exactly is liketoknow.it and how you can shop for my posts!

Everything you need to know about liketoknow.it


First off, what exactly is liketoknow.it? LIKEtoKNOW.it is a service that was created by a company called rewardStyle that allows creators to easily share where to shop products they share on their Instagram feed. This has made it very easy for creators to share direct links to what they're wearing with their followers.


There are actually a couple ways you can use liketoknow.it, through email, screenshotting, and through the LTK app. 

Through email.

For this method, all you have to do is register your email at liketoknow.it. From there all you have to do is "like" Instagram posts that mention liketokonw.it (they'll have a link in their caption, tag @liketoknow.it, or have the logo in their photos!) and then you'll automatically receive an email with ready to shop product links. Don't worry if you're worried about crowding your inbox with emails on outfit details, there are options where you can get it to send you emails weekly if you prefer.

Download the LTK app. 

The LikeToKnow.It app is free and available for both iPhone and Android. All you have to do is simply download the app, create an account, and follow your favorite creators (my username is @thedailyamy!). The feed is set up like Instagram where you can scroll through a feed of photos from the people you follow and if you see an item you'd like to purchase, simply click on the photo and it shows you where to purchase everything! 


This method for LTK may be the coolest one in my opinion. For this method, you do need to download the LTK app and create an account. From there you can scroll through your normal Instagram feed and if you come across a post that has a liketoknow.it links in it, you can screenshot it and upload the screenshot to the LTK app. From there the app will bring up the products the creator has linked in the photo. It's a great alternative if you don't want to wait around for the email and it won't clog your inbox. 

Everything you need to know about liketoknow.it


Nothing. Zip. Nada. Completely free for you. 


LTK is a great and easy way for bloggers/content creators to share shoppable links with their followers. This also allows us to monetize our blogs/social media. Every time you purchase something from our link we get a small commission from it (again, totally free for you all to use!). So if you're looking for a way to support your favorite content creators, be sure to use their links to purchase so they're able to get credit for the sale! 

Whew, and that's about it! Have any other questions? Let me know down below and I'd be happy to help! I hope you all have found this post helpful and as always. thank you for reading!



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