Let's be real, who doesn't have an Amazon prime account nowadays? If you don't yet, today is Prime day is a two-day long event for Prime members where you can score great deals on products. Think of it like Amazon's version of Black Friday. This is a great time to stock up on Christmas gifts, Amazon products for your home, or (like me) some new tech gear. If you don't already have an Amazon Prime account you can get one at a discount if you're a student or try it for free for one month. 

In honor of Prime day today I thought it'd be fun and helpful to share some of my favorite Amazon prime purchases in case you need some ideas on what to pick up. 

Amazon Prime Favorites - Home Favorites


1. Clothing Rack - I love the look of this clothing rack and it's super affordable too! It was very easy to put together and I mainly use it in my room to style clothing pieces for upcoming shoots.

2. Drying Rack - I'm big on hang drying my clothes and this drying rack has been such a great buy! I love how you can fold it flat and store it when you're not using it so it doesn't take up much space and this one is pretty sturdy compared to the ones I've tried in the past.

3. Charcuterie Board - If you're a big cheeseboard/entertainer this may be the perfect buy for you. Christian gifted this to me a few months back and we've got plenty of use out of it. This charcuterie board comes stocked with all the knives you need as well as ridges for your crackers. It's a pretty hefty piece, but a beautiful board to break out when hanging out with your friends and family.

4. Earring Holder - For my fellow earring lovers, this is by far one of my favorite earring holders that I've come across. I love how it stores so much, looks cute on my dresser, and bonus points that its gold

5. Lamp - I purchased this lamp last year for my apartment and think it's at a great price! I will say, it's a lot shorter than I thought it would be so take note of that. 



6.  Pleated Ruffle Dress - I ordered this dress in a green floral print for a wedding last year and got so many compliments on it! I will say, I have broader shoulders so it is a bit tight on me there, but other than that it fits pretty true to size. This dress comes in multiple colors and perfect for twirling in!

7. Royal Blue Bell Sleeve Dress - This may be my all-time favorite Amazon fashion find. I love the movement of this dress and the color is unbeatable. This dress is not see-through at all and is the perfect date night dress or even for a wedding! 

8. Dalmation Print Top - I love a good dalmatian print and this top has been one of my most reached tops for work. It's not see-through and fits true to size. 

9. Lace Midi Dress - If you're looking for a beautiful wedding guest dress or special occasion dress this may be the dress fo you! I purchased this dress for an upcoming wedding in 2020 (lol), but have to let it stay in my closet for a little longer. This dress has adjustable straps, fits true to size, padded, and comes in multiple colors.

10. Colorblock Cardigan - The perfect cozy piece for fall! I love the natural color pallet for this piece and it comes in a variety of colors. Fits true to size. 

11. Orange Sweater - This is the perfect throw over leggings, cozy sweater for chilly fall days. This sweater is incredibly soft, fits true to size, and comes in several colors. 

12. Double Ring Belt - I will have to admit this is the only belt that I own so I feel like it's not fair to say it's my favorite, but I do love how it looks designer inspired without the designer price. 

13. Plaid Skirt - Nothing screams fall like a plaid skirt. This skirt comes in a variety of patterns and colors. I'd say it runs a bit small on me but other than that the great skirt to pair with your favorite cozy sweaters. 

Amazon prime lounge picks


14. Lounge Set - This set has been a crowd favorite! I first shared this in a try-on video on my Instagram stories and several of you have even purchased it! When I say I've been wearing this nonstop since I got it, I've been wearing it non. stop. I am usually a medium in Amazon clothing but could have gotten a small in this set. I typically wear the shorts to lounge around and have been styling the sweater for everyday outfits! 

15. Champion Hoodie - I love me a good cropped hoodie and this one is the perfect length. I will say it runs a bit small, but looks super cute paired with leggings for an athleisure look or a skirt for a sporty look!

16. Joggers - These are the first pair of joggers I've purchased and I have been living in these during the quarantine. The material is more of an athletic material, has zipper pockets, and fits true to size.

17. Workout Tops - I've raved about these tops for a while so it's no surprise they ended up in my favorites round-up. These workout tops are so soft, comes in a variety of colors, and are so breathable for working out!

18. The cozy - When I say that this is the best purchase I have ever made, I mean this is the best. purchase. I. have. ever. made. If you're the type of person who always gets cold then this the perfect piece for you. Essentially it's a sherpa-lined throw blanket made into a giant hoodie. It's so cozy and my go-to throw on for work from home days.

19. Fuzzy Slippers - I think I have turned in to my mother since turning 25 in the fact that I constantly have to wear slippers in the house now. These slippers have been raved about all over Instagram and I can see why. They're affordable, super cute, and cozy!

20. Nike Running Shoes - Fun fact, my boyfriend and I have matching running shoes. You can't go wrong with Nike running shoes in my opinion and these provide great support for my feet.

Amazon prime tech favorites


21. Fire TV Stick - Since we don't have cable we opted to get a Fire TV Stick to easily watch our streaming services on. I also love how you can easily take it with you when you travel!

22. Rocket Book - I gifted this to Christian when he was studying for the MCAT and it was so helpful for him! The Rocket Book is a reusable notebook that saves all of your notes on a drive and you can erase it like a dry erase board and reuse it all over again. A great way to save paper and have all of your notes stored digitally. 

23. Powerbank - I've used a lot of portable chargers in my day, but this one is up there as my favorite. It is a pretty hefty charger, but it charges my phone three times with one charge, comes with multiple ports to charge more than one device, and has a wireless charging feature. 

24. Phone Stand - For my fellow content creators who film or take photos on their phones this is perfect to attach to your tripod so you're able to easily attach your phone to it!

25. Echo Dot - By now I'm sure the majority of the population knows what an Echo is. My boyfriend's family is super techy and got me into the world of Alexa devices. I will admit, the Amazon Echo has been great for setting alarms, asking questions, playing music, or even telling me what the weather is every morning before I get dressed.

26. Gimble - If you're into video, this is a great stabilizer to pick up! Christian picked it up for me for Christmas and it was great to use during our Peru trip! You can easily attach your phone to it and it ensures your video stays leveled even while you're walking around!

27. Bluetooth Remote - If you shoot a lot of content yourself like I do then a Bluetooth remote is so handy. This is super easy to set up and comes in a pack of two in case you lose one.

28. Tri Pod - a staple for any content creator. This is super affordable and great quality for the price.

29. Ring Light - Are you really a content creator if you don't have a ring light? I have been on a hunt for a ring light that connects to my existing tripod instead of buying a whole one that's already connected to a tripod. I also love how this has a variety of lighting settings and is super affordable!

Amazon prime finds


WHEW. And those are the round-up of a few of my Amazon Prime favorites! I hope you all are able to find some things you love and please let me know down below if you plan on shopping for anything during Prime Day this year! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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