Curious to see what I'm asking for Christmas this year? Read more to find out!

My christmas wishlist 2019

Hi friends!

I was a little hesitant about sharing my Christmas wishlist this year. As I get older and older, it's becoming a lot harder for me to put together a wishlist since I've started to make my own money and purchase things I want on my own. Whenever my parents ask me what I want for Christmas I usually just tell them grocery money (lol), but at the end of the day, I don't really need anything. I guess that's growing up, huh?

I've shared my wishlist on the blog for the past couple of years and it seems sort of like a tradition now. I had asked on Instagram if you all were still interested in seeing a Christmas Wishlist post and many of you said you were, so here we are! Many of the things I put on my wishlist are more of things I'll eventually purchase myself with a common theme of things I'll need for my upcoming travels in the next year. Hopefully, this will give you all some inspiration on what to ask for Christmas, treat yourself to or gift for others!

This piece has been on my wishlist for a few years now and I think I may finally treat myself to it for Christmas this year. I've seen many bloggers rave about this tote and I love how customizable it is! I am in need of a new work tote and think this may be the perfect piece for it. I'm also doing quite a bit of traveling next year and think this would be perfect to use as carrying on bag as well!

Nike Flex RN 8
I've been in need of a new pair of running shoes for some time now. The last pair I got was actually from my brother two years ago and they were the Nike Flex RN 7. I love them so much and figured that I keep with the same style of the shoe just the newer version!

J.Crew Glitter Slippers

I've been wanting a pair of house slippers for some time now and these are SO FUN! I love how fun and sparkly they are and the reviews say they hold up pretty well. They're a little obnoxious I will admit, but hey, they're house slippers so why not?
This is such an "adulty" and practical thing to ask for, but I have quite a few trips coming up in the new year and feel like it's finally time that I get on the packing cubes train. These are only $20 for 7 pieces and I've heard they've done wonders in regards to saving space in your suitcase!

Mantra Band Ring

Something I don't really talk about here is my anxiety. Over the past year, my anxiety has been really bad and something I've never really had to deal with a whole lot before. I have started to find some breathing coping tactics to help me whenever I start to feel anxious. This simple little ring would be a great daily reminder to just breathe even through the roughest of patches.

A Cooking Class
As I get older I find myself wanting more experience-based gifts rather than material ones. Something I've always wanted to try out in Charlotte is a cooking class! There are several such as Chef Alyssa's Kitchen and Sur La Table in SouthPark Mall.  Not only will this be a fun experience but I'll (hopefully) walk away with some new cooking skills as well! 

I've been using ClassPass for about three months now and have been loving it! I just recently found out that you could gift ClassPass to a friend and think this would be great for any fitness lover!

What are you asking for this year for Christmas? Let me know in the comments down below!  I hope you all have a great day and as always, thank you for reading.


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