"You get dressed up on Thanksgiving to spend the day in your living room?" 

Yes, yes I do. 

You know that meme that floats around the internet around this time about girls who stress about their outfit about Thanksgiving? Welp, I'm here to say that I'm one of those girls. We all know that I love any occasion to dress up and Thanksgiving is no exception. Over the years Thanksgiving has started to become one of my favorite holidays, I mean, you get to spend the day eating and being around your loved ones. What's not to love?

Having a traditional Thanksgiving with a table spread full of turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the carby goodness is a fairly new concept for my family. For the majority of my life, Thanksgiving involved making a trip to Atlanta and shopping at the 99 Ranch for Asian groceries and ending the day with a large bowl of pho. This was mainly because growing up my parents had owned a restaurant and the only two days out of the year we were closed were Christmas and Thanksgiving. So with that, we primarily used those days to do our Asian grocery shopping out of town to stock up since this was the only two days they were free. 

Now that my parents have sold the business for a few years now, we're started to do more of your traditional Thanksgiving festivities. It's always so fun getting to make food and spend time with family. 

Are you the type to get dressed up for Thanksgiving or do you go more of the comfy casual route? Let me know down below! I hope you all have a great week and as always, thank you for reading!


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