One minute it was April and I was moving out back out to Charlotte and in a blink of an eye it's the end of August, WHERE DID THE TIME GO??

Hi friends!

I can't believe that August has already come to an end. This past month has been super busy for me I feel like it just went by with a blink of an eye! Although I'm sad to see summer starting to wind down, I'm actually excited for fall this year. I've always been a warm-weather type of gal, the heat here in the Carolinas has been pretty rough this past summer and I'm just ready to not sweat a gallon of water every time I go outside.  But, enough out looking forward to the next couple of months, let's take a second and reflect on how August went.

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Busy, busy, busy. Like I said, August was a pretty busy month for me. I took on two more side projects in addition to my current full-time job and I've started to really get into my blog again. As hectic and stressful as it has been, I've been loving it! I've always been the type who loves a full agenda. I thrive when I have a busy schedule and tend to get a little antsy when my calendar is empty. I had mentioned before that I worked 2 jobs post-grad many times on the blog, and I swear even though my schedule was hectic, I was the most organized I have ever been. I think having a crazy schedule just forces me to make sure I'm on top of everything.

Blogger Meetups. I mentioned this a million times before, but my FAVORITE thing about blogging is getting to meet so many cool creatives, especially in my city. I've made so many friends both online and offline from blogging and I'm so grateful. This past month I've had the chance to hang out and meet a few fellow creatives in Charlotte and it's so fun making new friends in the city!

FOOD. I think it comes to no surprise that ya girl loves to eat. Not only have I gotten a chance to try some new places in Charlotte (Paco's Taco, Optimist Hall - Boa and Broth, and Flower Child), I have been really into cooking more lately too! My boyfriend and I successfully made up two recipes and it's been so fun cooking together! 

#AMYIRL. This past month I also posted my first official post in my #AMYIRL series showcasing what life was like Growing up Asian in America. This was one of the more difficult posts for me to put together because I'm typically not one to open a whole lot about my personal struggles, especially on the internet. I actually started that blog post last year and started to work on it again about a month ago, if I was going to open up on the Internet, I wanted it to be perfect. Thank you all for the love and kind words on the post. I'm excited to share more in the series with you all!

What I've been loving

Day Designer for Blue Sky - My planner has been my ride or die this past month. Like I said, my schedule has been pretty hectic so having a well-organized planner is a must for me. I had a Day Designer a few years back and LOVED it. The time block format made it super easy for me to keep track of everything I needed to get done that day, unfortunately, the price was a big hindrance to why I didn't purchase another one since the first one I had used was gifted to me for the blog. I wanted the Day Designer feel without the price and didn't realize they pretty much have a more affordable version at Target! It's pretty much the same set up with the main difference is that there's not a large todo list on every page which for half the price I could live without.

Annaliese's post on why she wouldn't go full time with blogging - This post was actually published last year, but I stumbled upon it when I read her "Best Of" post. I've thought a lot about what I'd do if one day my blog would shoot up one day and I had the option to go full time. Like many of the points, Annaliese pointed out in her blog post, I don't think I would go full time with blogging if I had the option. The flexibility would be nice, but I feel that the second it turns into more of a job and I have to do it, I wouldn't enjoy it as much. Major props to those boss babes who do tackle it full time, but for me personally I don't think it's the right path.

Color Me Courtney - Another blogger babe that I've been LOVING lately has been Courtney of Color Me Courtney. I have been following Courtney since I started my blog and have recently re fallen in love with her content. Not only is Courtney's feed SO fun and colorful, but she also gives amazing Instagram tips every Tuesday on her #ColorMeClassroom. She's so real and authentic and so on brand with everything she does. Definitely one of my inspirations as of late.

Currently listening to
  • Kiss 95.1 MRL Show - I used to listen to this morning show every morning during my commute to my internship senior year of college. I think it's hilarious and love that I get to listen to them again during my work commute! 
  • Drink with James Podcast - I had stopped listening to this podcast about a year ago and recently started getting back into it. Lots of helpful blogging tips!
  • Boyfriend by Ariana Grande - We stan Ariana Grande here on The Daily Amy

What have you been up to this past month? Let me know in the comments down below and also let me know what you're looking forward to in September! Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend! 


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