Hi friends!

If you have been a long-time follower of the blog, you may remember a monthly series I used to do on my blog called Pink Talks where I basically gave you all a wrap up on my life every two weeks. I loved the idea of sharing what I've been up to / loving all in one space and wanted to bring the idea back to life, but more on a monthly basis.

Here I'll be wrapping up on highlights from the past month, things I've been loving, items I've purchased and a little bit of everything in between. Think of it as our monthly girly catch up! So let's take a look at this past month, shall we?

July highlights:

I got back into blogging! At the start of July, I published my first blog post after taking yet again, another break from blogging. Since then, I've been pretty consistent in posting on my blog twice a week and being active again on social media. I forgot how much I loved talking to you all and it's been so nice having a side project to look forward to after work.

My brother moved out. Many of you may not know this, but I do have a younger brother. He had just graduated college this past pay and started a job here in Charlotte! He's been living with me for the past two months while he hunts for a place of his own. It's been so nice catching up with him since we haven't really lived under the same roof since I moved out to college and I'm so excited to be able to experience the city together! 

What I've been loving:

Working out - This past month I've also gotten into going to the gym regularly again. I've been switching up my workouts a lot and trying new things since I tend to get pretty bored in my normal gym routine. This month I was able to try hot yoga for the first time, various BBG styled workouts and a weight training session with my brother. I'm excited to try out different workout/group fitness classes in the Charlotte area too!

Grey's Anatomy - This one is kind of a surprise for me. My boyfriend loves Grey's Anatomy and I decided I would give the series a try as a way to bond together... I'm hooked. Which is surprising for me considering I squirm at any site of blood. We're only in the second season right now so no spoilers, please!

HelloFresh - I finally caved in to the "get $80 off HelloFresh" ads and signed up to see what the hype is all about. My boyfriend and I have done two boxes and we love it! It's a great and easy little date night and everything we've had so far has been really yummy! It's also a great way for me to get used to cooking again and learn new recipes. 

* Non-sponsored plug: if you guys are interested in trying HelloFresh you can use my code AMYLIM6 for $40 off towards your first box! 

What I've been buying:

If you've read my last few outfit posts (here and here), you may know that I've been on an Amazon Prime clothing kick. Everything is pretty affordable and you can't beat the two-day shipping!
  • Amazon Paper Bag Pants - I bought two colors! Blue Gray and salmon pink
  • Amazon Ruffle Sleeve Romper - such a cute and flirty romper! I can definitely see myself pairing this with converse for a more relaxed look or heels and fun earrings for date night!
  • Fabletics leggings - I got the 2/$24 deal and got two of the power hold seamless, love them!!
  • Amazon Yellow Eyelet Top - styled in this post! Super cute and perfect for summer
  • Gold hoops - These are actually my second pair, I left my first pair in Philly when I visited in November! I love these, they're so lightweight and the perfect size.
I've also been shopping a lot for my apartment still! This is the first time I'm living in an unfurnished apartment so it's been fun/stressful trying to find pieces for it. Ikea has been my go-to lately! 

What I'm listening to:
  • Post Malone by Sam Feldt
  • Boy with love by BTS ft Halsey
  • I don't care by Ed Sheeran ft Justin Bieber
  • ABG - Asian Boss Girl podcast
  • Gals on the Go podcast

And now it's your turn! What were you up to this past month? I hope you enjoyed reflecting on this past month with me and as always, thank you for reading!


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