Let's face it, besides going to meet your favorite princess one of the things you are most excited about when going to Disney is how on point your Instagram game is about to be. I get it. After being able to live in Disney for six months I've scouted out the best places for photo ops and am going to share some of them with you all so our Insta game can be on point together.

Aside from the magic of meeting all of your favorite characters, hopping on your favorite rides and snacking on some yummy Mickey-shaped treats, Disney has to be one of the best places for photo ops. I mean from Cinderella's iconic castle to be able to snap a photo in 11 different countries in one day, the possibilities are endless. So today I'm rounding up 11 of my favorite photo locations at Disney World for you all, so let's get started!

Front of the Castle

Can you really go to Magic Kingdom and not take a photo in front of Cinderella's castle? Even though there are multiple locations where you can stand and take your photo, my personal favorite is actually right up front of the castle (around 7:00pm). This is because typically there are fewer people around since everyone is getting ready for fireworks or getting dinner and you can easily snap a photo without anyone in the background.

Hub Grass

I never really knew about the Hub Grass until the last two months of my program and it has easily become one of my new favorites hang out spots to recharge or just people watch. The grass makes a great background for a flatlay photo or if you angle yourself just right, you can get the castle in the background!

Purple Wall

Another Magic Kingdom classic, the infamous Purple Wall located in Tomorrowland! Now that they revamped the wall with a fun geometric print, you can now have a few different background options for photos.

Liberty Tree Tavern back door

This one is a little hidden gem of mine. Tucked behind the Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square there's a back door that makes you feel like you're stepping out of the cutest cobbled stone townhouse. Just be warned you may get some odd looks through the window from your little photo shoot, but #doitforthegram am I right?  

Tangled Bathrooms


I'm still a little bummed all Rapunzel got is a bathroom when all of the other princesses get a Castle, restaurant, ride, etc., but that's a different story. Even though it's just a bathroom, it's hands down one of the prettiest bathrooms at Disney! From lanterns to muraled backgrounds on the wall, the photo ops are endless. The best part is that it makes great photos for daytime and nighttime! 


Bubblegum Wall

Right outside of the exit of Spaceship Earth is the home of another famous Disney wall, the Bubblegum Wall! Consisting of hot pink and light pink and periwinkle this wall is a girly girl's dream!

France Pavilion Fountain

I feel like the Epcot World Showcase, in general, is jam-packed with a ton of photogenic spots, but one of the top favorites, in particular, is the Foutain in the France Pavillion. With the right angle, it really looks likes you're just casually sipping froze' in Paris!  

Blue door at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Hidden behind the Muppets Show in Hollywood Studios is this fun brightly colored door! It's such a fun pop of color and the fun pink and yellow floor would make a great backdrop for a shoe pic as well. 

Gas Station in front of Oscar's

Who says Gas Stations can't be pretty? These brightly colored gas pumps would make the perfect background for any retro photo. There are also some fun old-timey cars nearby to pose by as well!

The Moss Wall

Only Millennials would find a wall covered in fake moss a great Instagram worth spot, am I right? Located in the Animal Kingdom in Pandora is the infamous Moss Wall. It's exactly what you'd expect it to be, a wall of fake moss, but it does make a cute background for your Rum Blossom drinks! 


Like going to Magic Kingdom and taking pictures with Cinderella's Castle, can you really go to Animal Kingdom and not take pictures in Pandora?? Every square inch of the land is detailed and brightly colored that you can't really go wrong with any photo location! 

And that's it! Those are my 11 favorite photo spots at Disney World! I hope you all enjoyed this little roundup and let me know what your favorite photo spots are down below! I'm always on the hunt for the new places to explore at Disney. I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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