Okay, let's state the obvious...

Hey, what's up, hello! Long time no talk am I right? Where to begin? I've pretty much disappeared from the blogging scene since my DCP program started in January, and that was completely unintentional. I had all these plans to share my whole Disney adventure on here and take you all on this fun adventure with me, but somewhere along the way, my blog got pushed on the back burner.... and I hated that. Even though I didn't mean to take a break from the blogging world, I do have to admit it was pretty relaxing.

But now I'm ready to come back blogging full force and I have so many ideas I want to share with you all!

First things first, let's address the elephant in the room... I changed my blog name, again. But hey, they do say third time's a charm, am I right?

I know I explained this the first time I changed my blog name from Just Casually Chic to Pastel N Pink and how I didn't think my old blog name fit me nor did I really love it... plot twist I didn't really love Pastel N Pink either. I have always wanted to incorporate my name into my blog in some way and I finally think I found the perfect fit. Also, why not start fresh after disappearing for a couple months? So, here's to The Daily Amy and new adventures I'm planning to share through it.

Also, quick life update:

Life has been quite the rollercoaster over the past few months. From getting asked to be a bride's maid in a friend's wedding to going through a break up to experiencing homesickness for the first time to trying to enjoy living in Florida to it's fullest potentail, it's been a lot. But, in the end, I'm so thankful to have been given this opportunity to experience living in Disney with some incredible people.

It's crazy to think if I hadn't extended into the summer that I would be getting ready to pack up and say goodbye to the program in just a week from now. Even though I miss Charlotte a lot I'm excited to see the adventures living in the Sunshine State holds in the summer!

And there you have it! A mini life update for you all + why I decided to go through a rebranding. I hope you all are as excited as I am what The Daily Amy has in store and thank you for reading!


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