Is it me or are capes just popping up left and right lately?! I have always seen them come about during the cooler months, but for some reason, they've been such a hot item this year. I have been seeing capes styled multiple ways on my Instagram feed and wanted to give the clothing piece a try for myself. 

Happy Tuesday friends!

There's just something about capes that make you look super polished and put together. I mean, in all reality I'm just wearing a cape dress, an undershirt, and some otk boots but I look SO chic, right? (not to mention that you can easily hide a food baby in this look too, #win) I low key felt like Blair Waldorf strutting around in this outfit! I also decided to keep the color pallet for this look pretty monotone and loved how sleek it all looked together. Now, if only I was in the Upper East side with Chuck Bass by my side! 


What do you all think about the photos in today's post?? I bought myself an early Christmas present and got myself a new lens for my camera! RJ came to visit Charlotte this past weekend and we had so much fun playing around with it. I'm excited to continue to play around with it more and create more content for you all! 

Annnnddd that's it for today's outfit post! Also, can you believe that Christmas is less than a week away?! Where did the time go? I still have some last-minute Christmas shopping to do and am struggling hardcore. Let me know down below if you're done with your Christmas shopping! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading! 


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