Gotta hot date this summer? Then this off the shoulder dress will surely be the perfect piece to wear! Today I'm sharing this darling date night outfit along with a few of my favorite summer date night ideas!

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summer date night outfit
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summer date night dress
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off the shoulder dress
off the shoulder dress
summer date night outfit idea
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Happy Thursday friends!

I cannot believe we're already a month into July! It's hard to believe my lease to my first apartment ends in a few short weeks, but I think it's time to see where life takes me next. Today I'm sharing this darling off the shoulder dress that would be perfect for any summer date night! I have expressed multiple times that I am not the biggest fan of the off the shoulder trend, but I will make exceptions for adorable pieces, like this dress! I actually found out that you can wear this dress 3 different ways: off the shoulder, fully on the shoulder and one shoulder, which is what made me love this dress so much. I'm sure I'll be posting photos of the different ways I wear this dress on Instagram if you're interested in seeing how that looks!

With the warmer temperatures here I feel like there are so many more creative date night options available. I know when planning what to do on date night RJ and I can sometimes get into the funk of "what do we do tonight?" To help alleviate some of that guessing on what to do, I wanted to share some of my favorite summer date night ideas with you all that I either RJ and I have done before or thought would be great to try out!

Food Truck Friday
Ok, I'm not sure if this is a thing everywhere, but it's definitely a thing here in Charlotte. RJ and I have only gone once, but it was so fun getting to try out all the different food trucks that were available there. The environment is very casual and I think it would make a great Friday night date night!

Picnic in the Park
I feel like this is a timeless classic that you can never go wrong with. I mean, for one this is very affordable, you can just pack your own lunch, a blanket, maybe a football to throw around and head over to your local park to enjoy the outdoors together. 

Take a Hike!
Warmer weather and hiking just seems to go hand and hand. Step out from your traditional weekend dinner date and maybe try a hiking trail. This is a great way to get some good exercise in as well as spend some quality time with each other. 

Go stargazing
RJ and I have done this a few times last summer and it really is just so nice and relaxing laying outside and looking up at the stars. RJ actually loves all things space so it was so neat hearing him talk about the different constellations and stars we were looking at!

Meal hop
I've actually always wanted to do this! What you do is have each course of your meal at a different restaurant. So let's say you have an appetizer at one restaurant, an entree at another and dessert somewhere else! It would be a great way to test out multiple restaurants in one day. I would recommend getting one dish and sharing at each place to make sure you have room for all the food!

And that's it! Those are a few of my date night ideas that I think would be perfect for summer. Let me know what you think about them or if you have any fun date night ideas! I hope you all have a great day and as always, thank you for reading!

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