When you have a strict dress code you can sometimes look into other ways to show off your personality in what you wear. I have been into trying to find pieces with some fun detailing whether it be fun scallops, lace, or a different silhouette that both fits my dress code and shows off my personality. 

Black Scalloped Dress (only $6!!) c/o || Black Flats || Kate Spade Earrings c/o via Rocksbox (use code: PASTELNPINKBLOGXOXO) for your first month free! || Similar Kate Spade Purse |

Happy Monday friends!

If you've been keeping up with me via Instagram stories (which you should because I post a ton on there!), then you may have heard me talk about a new part-time job I just picked up. With a new job comes with a new dress code. For work, we are required to wear black and white and we can't wear patterns. I actually didn't really realize until after I accepted the job how little black and white solid clothing items I have. After my first day of work, I headed out to try and find some affordable clothing pieces for work because I knew I didn't want to invest too much money on a wardrobe for a job that I know would only be temporary. 

I managed to come across this black scalloped dress that fit dress code and for only $6! It was such a good find and I cannot get over the scalloped detailing. As for the sizing, this retailer does have a reputation to run a bit small so I did size up to a medium and I feel like I should have even gone up to a large because of the arms a bit tight on me. 

Since my dress code is pretty straight forward, I am trying to find ways to give my outfits a little "something something" whether it be cute details in the clothing pieces (like these scallops!) or with some fun earrings. 

Do you guys try to give your outfits a personal touch when you have a strict dress code? If so, let me know how in the comments down below! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading! 

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