Asheville Travel Guide
Happy Wednesday friends!

If you follow me on Insta stories you may have seen that I have made a couple trips to Asheville this past month. Asheville is actually right in the middle between Charlotte and my hometown! I grew up making trips to Asheville quite a bit, but never really explored much of the city outside of the mall. Today I'm sharing this little Asheville travel diary with you all sharing some of the things I did and hopefully give you all some ideas on what to do if you ever decide to travel to visit! 

What we did:

Explore Downtown Asheville 
Asheville north carolina
Asheville North Carolina
Of course, the obvious when visiting a new city is to visit the downtown area. RJ and I mainly just walked around and did some site seeing, but there were tons of little bars and cafes in the area to go visit while you're there. Downtown Asheville also houses the big "Before I die..." chalk wall where everyone can write what they want to do before they die. There are also lots of local street performers in Downtown if you want to see a free show!

Park Square Park - Downtown Asheville
Girl summer outfit
(Outfit post coming soon on the blog)

If you're looking for a cute little park to just sit down and people watch, Park Square Park is located in the middle of downtown. RJ and I just stopped here to snap some blog photos, but I wish we had time to just sit down and relax a little. The park also has a little amphitheater so if you ever do decide to visit, maybe look up to see if some cool bands are playing while you're there!

Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue ridge parkway
Blue ridge parkway
Blue ridge parkway
I actually visited the Blue Ridge Parkway with my parents when I was home last, and it was so fun getting to see the beautiful mountains that I've been so fortunate enough to call home growing up. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a 469-mile drive that connects the Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. You pretty much just drive the entire time and there are overlooks every few miles where you can park and enjoy the beautiful view! I saw a few people even pack a lunch and brought some lawn chairs to sit out and have a mini picnic which I think is such a good idea! I really want to go back to visit in the fall because I bet the leaves are GORGEOUS. 

Biltmore Village
Biltmore Village is about 10 minutes outside of downtown and it's the CUTEST little shopping area. The village is actually a counterpart to the famous Biltmore Estate, which we didn't get to visit while we were in town. The last time I had visited the Biltmore Estate was when I was in the 4th grade maybe one day I'll get a chance to go back.

As far as the Biltmore Village goes, everything looks like a Christmas village and if you're looking for a cute Instagram background (bc I know you are) then right outside of The Cantina restaurant there is the PRETTIEST bush of hydrangeas. 

Palm Village
Palm Village, a Lilly Pulitzer signature store, is located in Biltmore Village and it's a must stop shop for any Lilly lover! Just like any Lilly store, the decor is adorable and this was my first time being in a Lilly Pulitzer signature store, so I was SO surprised by the selection of sale items. The store had various racks with additional 50%, 30%, and 20% off pieces which I was very surprised to see. I managed to walk away with a darling Lilly skort!

Ivy Wall
I had to share this fun ivy wall we came across at the Biltmore Village! I know I'm always on the lookout for cute places for blog photos when I travel to new places, so I thought it'd be fun to share some cute places I came across with you all! I wished we had taken blog photos in front of this wall because, at the right angle, it looks like you're in the depths of a jungle!

Where we ate:

The only place I've actually ever eaten at in Asheville was at Chestnut this past weekend! RJ and I were wondering around Downtown looking for somewhere to eat and we stumbled across this cute little restaurant. I ordered the "Eagle Street Chicken and Waffle" which is something completely out of the ordinary for me. I was a vegetarian this past year and since my one year mark, I've been only eating meat once or twice a week if I crave it. The chicken and waffle dish was something I never thought I would order, but hey I was feeling it and it actually wasn't too bad! 

RJ ended up ordering the Ruben and said it was delicious! If you're looking for a yummy brunch spot in Downtown Asheville I would definitely recommend this place!

And that's it for my little travel diary! Have any of you been to Asheville? If so let me know down below and what you did! I hope to make a few trips back soon and explore some places we didn't get to during our time there. I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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