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I asked on Twitter if you all would be interested in seeing a post where I share some of my outfits from over the years. Many of you said you were interested so your wish is my command! 

To give you a little background on me and my style... I've always been really into fashion from a young age. I've experimented a lot with fashion especially in late middle school and high school. Throughout the years I have dabbled a little back and forth with the grunge / trendy and girl phases, but that's my favorite thing about fashion. You can try out different trends and experiment with different styles based on what you're feeling or inspired by at the time.

I tried to pick out outfits that I have worn the most during that time period to give you an idea of my sense of style during that time. I have to admit some of these outfits are a little cringe-worthy for me, but hey in the words of Drake himself... 
"Started from the bottom now we're here."

Without further ado, let's get started!

High School - Freshman Year

Freshman year of high school was the year I branched out of my graphic t-shirt phase in middle school and really started to experiment with clothes. My favorite accessory at the time had to be this cold sequin scarf. I got this scarf for free during my first Black Friday shopping trip from Charlotte Russe and was obsessed with it... I was also into mixing girly with edgy. I would typically pair my black combat boots with a floral dress or a black stud belt with a white lace skirt.

High School - Sophomore Year

Sophomore year of high school is when I started to get into making videos for my YouTube channel, unfortunately, the channel no longer exists, but thankfully for you all I still have photos from the outfits I use to share on there... I remember I was really into making each outfit unique by over-accessorizing (a little toooo much). 

I also remember sophomore year was the year of the belts. I synched my skirts, dresses, even tops with belts in hops to make me look slimmer and "fashion-forward." These last two outfits consisted of some of my most worn clothing pieces at the time. Also, take note of the feather extensions peeking out in my hair... why I ever thought to put bright pink feathers in my hair was a great idea is beyond me.

High School - Junior Year

I remember this was my first day of Junior year outfit and my dad actually helped me picked out this outfit. I actually don't think this was that bad of any outfit and my dad did a pretty good job! I always joked I got my fashion sense from my dad.

Fun Fact: My dad always went dress shopping with me for any formal occasion whether it be winter formal or prom because my mom would have to work! 

Hollister was still very much my jam during these days. I'm pretty sure this entire outfit was from Hollister. I also remember when I first styled this outfit I had paired with gray tights with 3D hearts and gray oxford booties... I wore that outfit to school too. Yup. Yup. Yup. 

The funny thing about looking back on these outfits is remembering how I felt / why I wore them / my thought process / etc. I remember when I first put this outfit together that I felt so outside of my comfort zone and thought this look was very "Urban Outfitters" esk. It's so funny looking back on it now because I feel like this could be something I would totally wear on an everyday basis now. 

High School - Senior Year

This was an outfit I wore on the first day of my senior year of high school. I went through a "no pants" phase that year and pretty much went the entire year wearing dresses and skirts. Throughout high school, lace was my jam and pretty much my favorite places to shop were Marshalls, Hollister, Wet Seal, and American Eagle.

A little TBT to my high school senior photo shoot with this photo. I wore wedges on an almost daily basis to school which is so weird for me to think now because I rarely ever wear heels. I actually still have this dress in my closet and still wear it occasionally. 

College - Freshman Year

The funny thing about both of these outfits is I wore both of these for sorority recruitment. Can we pause and take note of the giant bubble necklace I'm wearing?! I can't believe those were so popular and so big! I remember they were everywhere! I owned two, this pink color and royal blue color.

Summer 2014

Summer 2014 will always be my favorite because it's the year I started my blog! I feel like this is when I started to develop the style I have now. This was also the point in my life where other fashion bloggers started to influence my style because naturally, I started to follow other fellow bloggers to help grow my blog.

This outfit was actually the first outfit I posted on Pastel N Pink (formally called Just Casually Chic!). I was really into crop tops during this period of my life.

You can check out the original blog post featuring this outfit here!

Sophomore year of college I picked up the coveted herringbone vest. I remember I was (and still am) obsessed with this vest and this was the year I picked up my first Kate Spade purse. I have always liked Kate Spade items, but this was the year that I really got into the brand and since then it's become one of my favorites, if not my all-time favorite brand.

College - Junior Year
See original blog post here!

I want to say Junior year of college is when I really started to step out of my fashion comfort zone more. I branched out and wore this poncho which I was inspired by Caitlin of Southern Curls and Pearls. I would say that's when I started trying to define what exactly my style is.

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If you have been following my blog for a hot second then you know how much I love this pink suede skirt. I wore this skirt with everything!! This has to be one of my favorite outfits and color combinations.

Check out the full blog post featuring this outfit here!

I feel like my love for Lilly kind of suddenly came out of nowhere. I went from owning nothing from her to now owning a sizable collection. One of my first Lilly pieces I picked up were these Callahan shorts and I wore them ALL the time. Super colorful and girly!

College - Senior Year
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And now we're caught up to present day! I wouldn't say my style has changed super drastically over the years, but I think I got way better at pairing pieces together. I'm still working on defining what exactly my style is. For now, I would say it is definitely very girly, colorful, classic with a dash of trendy.

I hope you all enjoyed going down memory lane with me and checking out how my style has evolved over the years. Let me know down below what your favorite look was! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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