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Happy Wednesday friends!

It's hard for me to believe that I have 16 days left until I graduate!! Time is going by way too fast and I just wish it would slow down a bit so I can soak it all in a little more. Today in honor of graduation season, I thought it'd be fun to share some graduation gift ideas with you all! I wanted to mix in some DIY ideas I've found on Pinterest along with some experiences and material gifts to cover all bases. Let's get started now, shall we? 

Material Gifts
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Tote bag - every working girl needs a good tote bag, am I right? There are so many cute options such as this Tory Burch one, but there are also many cute and affordable ones for those of you who don't want to break the bank. I have this tote and it's my absolute favorite! It's around $50 and holds so much!

Kate Spade Watch - to go along with the working girl trend, I think a watch would make the perfect grad gift! This Kate Spade one is the perfect mix of girly and sophisticated.. perfect for any working girl!

Alex and Ani Grad Bangle - What better way to remember your graduation than with a cute bangle? I have been wanting to grow my Alex and Ani collection and think this would be such a cute edition!

Fruit Loop Print - Got a grad that's moving out on their own or getting a new apartment? Snag them a cute print! This fruit loop print is too cute and funny that I'm sure it'll bring a smile to anyone you gift it to!

Other grad gifts: 

DIY Gifts

I'm a HUGE fan of DIY gifts. I think they're so much more meaningful and they don't have to break the bank. I've rounded up some of my favorite DIY gifts from Pinterest that I think would make the cutest grad gifts!

"Smartie" Pants card - who doesn't love a good pun? This "Smartie" pants grad card will surely make anyone's day! Also, did I mention that it's super easy to make too??

Beer bottle grad caps - if you're not super crafty then this would be such a cute grad gift for any beer lover! All you have to do is cut out little squares and tassels to glue on the beer cap to make it look like a grad cap! So cute and simple! 

Toasting the Grad - Ok, this one is TOO cute! This is obviously more towards college grads than high school because it does involve a champagne bottle. This one involves dressing up a champagne bottle in its own graduation cap and gown, such a cute way to gift them their favorite champagne! 

Tassel is worth the hassle print - This quote is too cute and you can obviously put your on a twist to this print if you want! So cute!

University Survival Kit - This one is for my high school grads (but, this would be cute if you can switch it to an "Adulting survival kit" for college grads). You could put together a box full of essentials for college such as some cash, a note from home when they're home sick, snacks, pictures etc. This can be super personalized and would be such a sweet gift!

Experience gifts

I would take an experience over a material gift any day! This obviously has to be tailored towards whoever you gift it to, but here are some potential ideas!

A cruise - these are always so fun! Cruises are a great option if you want something that includes entertainment and food on board. Just make sure whoever you're gifting it to doesn't get sea sick easily!

A resort - similar to a cruise, resorts are a great option because they're all inclusive when it comes to a place to stay and eat. I've only been to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, but it was so fun!

Cross country road trip/road trip - some type of road trip would be such a fun option! You could plan out places to stop and give them a budget to use for hotels. I'm sure there are plenty of creative ways to incorporate this one.

A dinner at their favorite restaurant - ok, who doesn't love food? You could always treat them to their favorite restaurant! You can never go wrong with that.

Concert / Sports tickets - Do they have their favorite band going on tour soon? How about their favorite sports team? I think tickets would be a great idea for any music/sports lover!

Theme Park tickets - this may not be for everyone, but if your recent grad LOVES  particular theme park then getting tickets or even a season pass might be a fun option!

And those are all of my suggestions! Let me know down below what your favorite gift idea is down below! Also, be sure to check out my other graduation posts! Check out this post to read up on my tips on how to decorate your graduation cap and this post for some graduation dress ideas

If you're graduating this year congrats!! Have a great day!

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