Happy Friday friends!

I hope you all are doing well! I haven't done a Pink Talks post in a couple weeks now so I thought I'd update you all on what I've been up to lately! I have lots to share with you all on what I've been doing, purchasing and currently obsessed with for spring! 

What I've been doing...
Blogger brunch with Justin LeBlanc
If you all follow me on Instagram then you have seen on my story that I had attended a fun blogging brunch last Saturday! This blogger brunch was held at City Lights Rooftop located in the Le Meridian. We were able to mingle with some local bloggers AND meet Justin LeBlanc from Project Runway! Justin was in Charlotte doing a variety of events in Charlotte including a brunch at Salon Boutique in South Park and a fashion show at Hendrik Porche on Saturday. 

Here are two of Justin's designs. They're incredible and am in love with both! In case you were wondering, the cape on the black dress is NOT made out of feathers... it's made out of ZIP TIES. How crazy is that?! It looks amazing and is blown away with how it came together.

Brunch was so fun and it was so great to meet new bloggers and get to know more about Justin! Also, may or may not be binge watching the season of Project Runway that he was on right now! 

P.S. the group photo at the top of this post was taken at the brunch with all of the influencers. It has to be one of the fiercest photos I've ever been a part of. 

Spring Break
I cannot believe that I only have two more days of my last spring break everrr. This week has flown by so fast. I spent my time home with family and relaxing which was much needed. I had actually planned to get some school work done while I was at home but... let's be honest, that wasn't going to happen. I'm actually headed back to Charlotte right now so I can focus in my apartment and get work done!

Recent Purchases...
Maroon skater skirt
I scored this darling little skater skirt on sale for $8! I actually wore it to the blogger brunch and love how versatile it is. 

Navy floral dress
Do I really need another navy floral dress? No. Did I get another one? You bet I did! This floral dress has got me totally in the spring mood. I mean, I need all things pastels and florals asap. 

Red floral dress (similar)
I found the perfect little red floral dress for spring! I couldn't find the exact dress online, but I found the same print in a different style which is still just as cute! 

Spring Faves
There are SO many cute pieces for spring out right now! Here are some of my favorite picks:

And that's it! Thank you all SO much for reading today's Pink Talks and for continually to come back to check my blog out. It means so much!! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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