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One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to explore Charlotte and find new places for photo shoots. I really do think if it wasn't for blogging I'd probably wouldn't have gone out as much to explore the city. 

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite photo locations with you all. I know I would have loved to have a post like this when I first started blogging. When I first started out I pretty much took photos all in the same location with a not so aesthetically pleasing background.

By no means am I claiming that I have explored all of Charlotte and scouted out the best locations, but here are some of my favorites from the places I did manage to explore. If you all like, I can maybe do an updated post later on when I adventure and discover more places in Charlotte. Without further ado, here's my round up!

Also, I've linked some other blog posts that I've done at each location so you all can get an idea of the variety of backgrounds you can get in one location. I always like to try to find places where I can shoot multiple outfits with a variety of backgrounds!

First Ward Park
First Ward is a go-to favorite of mine. I recently discovered this park over the summer and love it! There are multiple different locations you can use to shoot here and it has a bathroom - big win if you're shooting multiple outfits in one day.

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Romare Bearden Park
I think that Romare Bearden is a classic go to photo location. Similar to First Ward Park, there are a variety of backgrounds you can get from this location and it also has a bathroom (always a plus)! You can take photos on the sidewalk near the Knight's Stadium (as shown above), near the gardens, or in the grassy area where you can get a nice view of the city in the background.

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7th Street Market Parking Deck
I actually found out about the 7th Street Market Parking Deck from my latest blogging meet up! This deck is right in Uptown and you are able to get some beautiful building shots in the background of your photos. There also little space murals located near the elevators on this deck that would make fun backgrounds as well! I have yet to take a full blog post there, but I have taken Instagram photos here and would love to come back for a full shoot!

Marshall Park
Located near the Sharaton and Le Meradien hotel in Uptown, Marshall is an ideal park, in my opinion, to go to during the fall. As you can tell from the photo above, the trees are SO vibrant and have been one of my favorite places to shoot. The only tricky part about Marshall Park is there are limited metered parking spaces and there are no bathrooms if you need to change outfits (I advise packing blankets to cover the windows in your car, I've done this countless times. Seems sketchy, but it works!).

Here are some other posts are done at Marshall Park:
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Duke Mansion
Okay, I haven't officially taken pictures at Duke Mansion, but I love to take pictures in the neighborhood around it! This area is perfect if you want long sidewalks with beautiful greenery in the background. 

Check out some other posts taken at Duke Mansion:

Target Midtown Parking Deck 
I believe this is the very first place in the Uptown area that I adventured out to do blog photos at. I have always heard about this deck from Annaliese of Southern Belle in Training and am so glad I checked it out. The top lot of the deck is blocked off so you don't have to worry about cars getting in the way of your photo. Unlike the 7th street market deck, this deck is located outside of Uptown so you are able to get a beautiful skyline shot in the background.

Other posts were taken at the Target Parking Deck:
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Sugar Creek Greenway
The Greenway is another favorite photo spot! The Greenway has many options for photo backgrounds, my favorite has to be under the gazebo (is that what it's called?!). 

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Pearl Park
I feel like not many people in Charlotte know about Pearl Park (or maybe a ton do and I'm just super late to the game!). This is a cute little park near Sugar Creek Greenway that has some pretty backgrounds if you want some pretty greenery in the background! The park also has a soccer field and basketball court if you're wanting to get in some exercise after your shoot (or to keep your boyfriend entertained while you change in between shots!)

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Piedmont Row
I feel like this is the infamous "Christmas tree" spot during the holiday time for Charlotte bloggers. There's always a giant Christmas tree up in the middle of Piedmont Row that makes the perfect backdrop for any holiday photo. This is also a great spot for pictures outside of Christmas as well. I typically take my photos on an empty sidewalk and never had too much of an issue with people walking in the background.

Under the Tyvola Light rail station
This location might be a little strange, but aren't all the best location spots where we least expect it? This location is right under the light rail station on Tyvola near SouthPark. This is a great spot for photos if you don't want to worry about people walking around in the background!

Other posts took here:
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South End
Sidewalk by light rail
This is such a pretty spot for photos in the spring because you can always get the pretty flowers blooming in the background. The big con about this location is that you have to watch out for all the runners and bikers out - especially when it's a beautiful day out. There's also a fun "Before I die..." chalkboard on this sidewalk that would also be a fun spot for an Instagram post!

And that's my round up! I hope you all found this post helpful! If you're in the Charlotte area, let me know where your favorite places to take blog photos are down below! I hope you all have a great rest of your week!

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