So many outfits, so little time.

Between school, work, working out, going out to dinners or going out for the night I can easily run through several different outfits in one day. On the flip side I also have those days where I literally roll out of the bed in a pair of Norts and a tee and end up wearing that the entire day... Hey, it happens. 

Today I thought it would be fun to share with you all what a typical day goes for me outfit wise. From school to work(ish) to going out I'm giving you all the deets on what I would typically wear. Let's get started now, shall we? 

Outfit 1: School day ready
Partner in Crime Stripped Dress c/o || Reversible Tote || Glitter Keds || Watch || Similar Necklace

As of late this is what a typical school day outfit looks like for me (yes, coffee in hand too!). One of my go to pieces to wear for class has been comfy dresses. Dresses are SO easy to throw on and you don't even have to think about pairing a different top and bottom. It's also a plus that you look slightly dressed up even though you only threw on one article of clothing and ran out the door. 

Another go to piece for me when it comes to school wear are comfy shoes. I make the commute to campus by foot and uncomfortable shoes are a big no no for me. One of my favorite shoes has to be these glitter Kate Spade Keds! They instantly add a wow factor to any outfit and they're super comfortable!

Shop the look:

Outfit 2: Meetings / Dinner
Swoop in Shift Dress c/o || Similar Purse || Similar Nude Wedges || Similar Triangle Necklace || Bar Necklace c/o || Watch
Usually after class I'll have some sort of meeting, maybe an interview, a dinner date, or some sort of occasion where I would have to dress a little nicer for. We all know that I have a love for shift / swing styled dress and when I saw this little number I knew I had to have it. 

The olive color of this dress is just perfect for fall and the dress itself is so simple that I can see myself styling it multiple different ways. The v-neck cut of this dress was actually a little too low for my personal taste, but a quick stitch with a needle and thread and the dress was the perfect cut for me!

Shop the look:

Outfit 3: Night Out
Diem Skort Romper c/o || Similar Mint Statement Necklace HERE and HERE || Similar Black Wedges || Monogram Clutch c/o || Watch

TBH before I turned 21 I wasn't big on going out (heck, I'm still not huge on going out now that I am of age #grandma), but when I do rompers / cute shorts are my go to. As much as I love dresses during the day, I feel way more comfortable in some sort pant like bottom when going out at night. 

This little romper is the perfect going out piece because it's super comfortable and it kind of gives you the look of a short going out dress without the whole "I'm worried my booty is hanging out with every step I take" feeling. 

As much as I love my colors during the day, black on black is my go to at night. There's something so sleek about a black on black outfit and the best part is if you spill something on yourself you can't really tell! #clutz

Shop the look: 
Whew! And that's it! LIke I said some days I don't go through this many outfit changes while others it seems like I go through my entire closet! You never know what the day entails. 

All of these outfits were from TOBI. TOBI is an awesome online retail site offering on trend pieces for an affordable price. As you can see, they have pieces that will work for pretty much any occasion whether it be school, work, or going out related. The best part is that for first time shoppers you get 50% site wide! 

Have you ever shopped at TOBI before? Also, let me know which one of these outfits was your favorite in the comments down below! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and be sure to come back Wednesday for a new post!

Thanks for reading!

*This blog post was sponsored by TOBI and all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Pastel N Pink!

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