Happy Independence Day friends!

Break out the s'mores and sparklers because it's America's birthday! Dressing up for the 4th has always been fun for me for multiple reasons:
  1. I don't necessary I have to go out and purchase a whole new outfit because surely I'll have something red, white or blue in my closet. 
  2. I love a good occasion and what's a better occasion than sporting your own country's colors? 
America is known for the land of dreams and opportunities and I see it first hand everyday through my parents. My parents came to America at a very young age to escape the war that broke out in Cambodia. They truly had nothing but their family and the clothes on their backs when they came to this country. Since coming here they've manage to learn a new language, go school, get a degree, start a business and give provide a wonderful life for my brother and I. It amazes me to think about how far my parents came and all they've accomplish in their life. I mean, retired in their mid 40's?? My parents are truly #goals. 

Thinking about how much my parents were able to accomplish from starting with so little makes me realize the possibilities are truly endless. Just thought I would share that small snip bit of my parent's story with you all to show that anything is possible. 

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July! I'm especially excited for the amazing fireworks show that Charlotte puts on tonight. Happy 4th everyone! (: 

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