My dad always told me, "every successful person gets up early." I don't know if that is entirely true, but I always do feel like I am starting my day off on the right foot if I wake up early.

Now, to start off I wasn't always a morning person. Before my sleeping habits changed I use to wake up around 11:30 am or even past noon on some days which is crazy for me to think now. Since being in college I have defiantly change up my sleeping habits and have started to wake up earlier. Now that I have gotten used to waking up earlier, I have definitely grown to love my mornings. I mean, you can get so much done when you wake up earlier and have the whole rest of the day afterward to do whatever you, please! Here are some of my tips that helped me transition to being a morning person.

1. Set yourself up for success.

I feel like this has been said a hundred and ten times, but it is so helpful when you have to get up early! By doing some little prep work the night before, waking up early the next morning will be a breeze. The night before I like to lay out my outfit for the next day and have my bag already packed and ready to go. This way I know my morning will be a little less stressful and go more smoothly.

2. Go to bed at a consistent time.

I know all of us want to stay up late on the weekends with our friends, but the truth is going to bed at a consistent time every day is going to make it much easier for you to wake up early. Let's say you go to bed a midnight every night, soon your body will get used to it you'll soon get tired around that time every day. Going to bed at the same time will most likely mean you'll wake up around the time every day (see where I'm going with this?). What helps me go to bed around the same time every night is I workout around the same time every day. Working out tends to make me really tired and sleepy afterward so it works perfectly for me.

3. Have something to look forward to.

You know how you are going on a big trip the next day and you wake up super excited the next morning because it's the day of the trip? This tip is kind of the same concept. By having something to look forward to in the morning you are more likely to get out of bed and start your day. For me, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so I always look forward to having breakfast every morning (I know, fatty status). You could plan to head out to a workout class in the morning or plan to have breakfast with a friend or even something simple as having an exciting breakfast in the morning. Just have something to let you look forward to the next morning.

4. Let some sun shine through.

Okay, I know this may not work for everyone, but if you are able to try this I recommend you do! If you have blinds or curtains over your window, have them cracked just a little bit so in the morning the sun can shine through. This way when morning comes around you can have the sun waking you up with its bright rays. I know this might not work for everyone whether it be you are a heavier sleeper or you need the blinds to be completely shut to block out all of the lights at night. For me, I don't have to have complete darkness to fall asleep so this works fine for me.

I hope you all found some of these tips helpful! If you have any other tips on how to be a morning person or how to get up earlier please share them down below. I hope you all have the great rest of your week and happy first day of fall!

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