Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately, things have been kind of hectic lately. First, of, I moved into my apartment (yay finally!) and have spent the past week trying to get that put together. Also, I started my junior year of college Tuesday! I seriously cannot believe I am starting my third year of college, crazy. Once I get back into the swing of things with school and everything that's been going on I'm sure my blog posts will be more consistent. Now, on to today's post.

 Today I am sharing my very first Lilly Pulitzer after party sale experience! I had a pretty good experience shopping the sale and hope you all did as well!

My Monday morning started off bright and early at 7am. I actually didn’t feel well the night before and ended up going to bed pretty early which caused me to wake up 45 minutes before my alarm! I spent the whole day before the sale researching and reading tips so I could be prepared for the after party sale. I did not want to come unprepared like I did for the Lilly for Target madness. #Disappointment

When 7:45am rolled around I opened up about 5 tabs on my Google Chrome browser, one my on safari browser, and pulled up the Lilly website on my smartphone. After reading that there was going to be a virtual line for the sale I wanted to be sure I got a decent spot. Fifteen long minutes later 8 am finally rolled around. As soon as it hit 8 I refreshed every single Lilly page I had up only to find out there were 6438 people in front of me. *Insert shocked emoji here* The wait really wasn’t bad at all, I had to wait about 20 minutes before entering the sale and when I did I was so overwhelmed.

I scrolled through the sale section adding everything I liked in my size in my cart as quickly as I could. One shift dress here, an Elsa top there, maybe two or three shorts… After I went through everything at least 7 times I finalized my order and sent it in.  This process repeated four more times (whoops, sorry bank account). The urge to splurge was too real!

Here is what I ended up taking away from the sale.

Mila Lace Detail Shift dress // Skipper Printed Popover (love this one!) //Callahan Shorts in prep green pink (these are so cute!) // Agenda Tusk in Sun

What I managed to get from the sale was 1 shift dress, 1 popover (which I have been wanting for the longest time!), 1 pair of shorts and a new agenda! The only downside was I didn't know what size shorts I would be in Lilly Pulitzer so I just put in my regular size that I would get in American Eagle. Turns out the shorts are a size too big for me. /: I'm going to see if I can sell them to someone who would fit into them for the price I bought them or maybe try to see if I can get them tailored. We'll see what happens. Overall I am very pleased with what I got from the Lilly sale and glad I got to experience it!

How did your after party sale experience go down? Did you walk away with any goodies? Let me know down below! 

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