July 31, 2015

Mad about Maxis

 Dress: Forever 21 (similar) // Necklace: Dailylook // Watch: Michael Kors (similar in all gold) // Crystal Bangle: Forever 21 // Buckle Bangle: Dailylook

I have always liked the idea of maxi dresses, but I have never really found any that I felt comfortable wearing out… until now. I stumbled upon this maxi dress on Forever 21 during one of my late night online shopping sprees (never a good idea). There was something about this color that drew me to the dress, so I decided to place an order and see how it would look on. Boy I am glad I did. This dress is so comfortable! Seriously, never taking it off. I have how easy it to just throw on and head out the door. Plus, the dress is the perfect length for me! The dress is the right length where it covers my feet, but it doesn’t drag on the ground when I walk. Also, I like the color of it with my skin tone. Over all, very pleased with this purchase.

July 30, 2015

Mixing metals

 Top: Francesca's  // Shorts: Target (similar) // Purse: Dailylook // Sandals: Target // Watch: Michael Kors // Elephant Bracelet: Bauble Bar // Silver Bangle: Forever 21

You know that rule where it states that you can’t mix gold with silver? Well, rules are meant to be broken, right?  Now, I never use to be this “fashion rule breaker” that I am now (lol, thinking I’m such a rebel now). I wouldn’t even think of wearing silver and gold in the same outfit, but now after experimenting and playing around with jewelry pieces I found that it really isn’t too bad. Actually, having this two-toned watch helped me transition into the idea of mixing metals (is that cheating?).  Now the options of bracelet stacking are unlimited now that the doors of mixing metals have opened! I actually really do like the look of silver and gold together now. It adds something different than your normal full on gold stack. By the way, Bauble Bar is having a 30% off sale site wide with the coupon xmasinjuly! Snag my elephant bracelet and other goodies on the site now! 

Now, on to the top... I recently purchased this from Francesca's and loved the color and lace detailing on it! I have never shopped there before until the other day. Let me just say, why have I never set foot into that store before?? The store is so colorful, bright, just give off an over all happy feel to it. I have been to Francesca’s twice in the span of three days. I might have a problem. 

July 29, 2015

Little floral dress

 Dress: Delias // Bralette: Aerie (similar) // Sandals: Forever 21 // Watch: Michael Kors // Pearl Bracelet: Forever 21 // Love bangle: Forever 21 // Silver Bangle: Forever 21

I feel like this outfit sums up my wardrobe for this whole summer: dress, blue and floral. This little dress is perfect for summer because it's so lightweight and breezy! This dress has actually been in my closet for years and I finally decided to wear it out (I know, I'm terrible).  I paired the dress up with a lace bralette to give the outfit a little something and plus it's super comfy! If you don't own a bralette I highly suggest you go out and get one!

By the way, can you guys believe school is less than a month away?? I feel so cliché saying this, but summer really has flown by. I feel like just the other day I was done with summer classes and now I'm about to prepare to go back to school in a few short weeks! I'm not ready for endless nights of studying and writing essays again... *tears* I better enjoy the rest of summer while I can!

July 28, 2015

Top 5 essentials for college

Since back to school season is quickly creeping among us (*tears*) I thought it would be fun to do a back-to-school series on my blog. I'm going to show you my top five picks from school essentials to places to get dorm decor! Let me know if you're excited about this mini-series!

After having two years of college under my belt and about to start my third, I thought I should share what I think are essential to have in college. Keep in mind this in my opinion and based off of my experiences.

I cannot stress this enough.  Between exams, assignments, social events, and whatever else life decides to throw at you, you need to have an organized way to have them all written down. I seriously would be lost without my planner. My favorite planner has to be the Lilly Pulitzer agendas. They’re so colorful and have plenty of writing space for you write down all of your plans. Recently I have started using my Happy Planner, it's one of those block style planners where you plan morning, afternoon and night. There are a ton of planners out there, just find a planner that works best for you!

2.    A good backpack

Noticed I said good backpack, not a stylish backpack. I made the mistake my first year in college by getting cute, but not a practical backpack. The backpack I had didn’t have sturdy straps and it was the kind that had a drawstring closure, not a zipper. When you’re carrying your laptop, notebooks, binders, and snacks (yes, snacks) you’re going to need a backpack that can withstand all of that weight and be supportive on your shoulders. Also, I recommend getting one that zips up because every time I put my laptop inside my drawstring backpack I was terrified it was just going to fall out. Right now I have been using a backpack from Victoria’s Secret PINK and it’s been working great so far. Remember, good backpack not stylish. When you’re walking around campus lugging all of your things you’ll thank me later.

Stay hydrated! I feel like this is kind of self-explanatory. Save the environment and stay hydrated. Plus, you don’t have to awkwardly leave in the middle of class when you need to take a sip of water. I have a really cute pink glass one from Forever 21!

4.    A portable charger

If you’re like me and take night classes or go to school 4 hours away from home it’s best to have a charged phone on you at all times (for safety reasons and Instagram creeping, of course). I always get paranoid when I’m out walking from class with a dead phone, especially at night. You never know when you need to call for a ride home or to tell your roommate that you locked yourself out from your apartment. I rather am safe than sorry. I got mine from Wal-Mart for $10 and it’s been working great so far!

Nothing is more miserable than going to class on a Monday morning in a super cute dress and sandals only to have it downpour on you half way through your walk (can you tell I'm speaking from experience?). Be prepared ladies and gents. Pack an umbrella in your bag and check the weather before you head out! I recommend having a good rain jacket in case it does rain and a pair of cute rain boots wouldn't hurt either!

Those were all, in my opinion, the essentials you need for college. I hope this helped some of you out and for those of you starting college this fall, I hope you have an amazing time! Soak everything in and have fun!

July 27, 2015

Off the shoulder

Top: Forever 21 (similar) // Shorts: Forever 21 // Sandals: Target // Purse: Steve Madden (similar)// Watch: Michael Kors // Sunglasses: Vans // Pearl Earrings: Forever 21

Okay, first off I don't know why I look so red / sunburnt in the second photo. I tried fixing it but it would not go away!

Lately I have been obsessing over off the shoulder tops! Off the shoulder tops add such a different silhouette and I think they are so girly! I'm wearing one of my favorite color combinations again, light pink and white. This outfit has to be one of my favorite outfits that I put together. From the girly top to the beaded sandals this outfit is too cute. Speaking of the sandals, these have to be the cutest sandals I have in my closet. They are first of really comfy and to die for. I mean, just look at the beading on them! I think it's clear to say that I really, really like this outfit. 

July 26, 2015

Alaska highlight video

I promise this will be the last thing I will post about my trip! I made a little recap / highlight video on my trip to Alaska and thought I would share it with you guys. Keep in mind that I am not the best at video editing, but I am pretty pleased on how it came out. Let me know what you think of the video! (:

July 24, 2015

Alaska Cruise recap

I don't even know where to start and I have so much to say. Let's try it from the beginning. I was so excited for this cruise (incase you didn't get the message from my past few posts), but things quickly started to go wrong the day we left to the airport. I'll try to keep things condensed. Our shuttle to the airport was 30 minutes late and we had a 2 1/2 hour delay flight due to a computer glitch which caused us to miss our connecting flight. From there we had to rush to find another flight to Vancouver, Canada (keep in mind we have to catch our cruise ship that leaves at 4pm). We managed to find another flight to Vancouver only to find out that we won't make the cruise in time. So here we are stuck in Canada with no cell phone service running on 2 hours of sleep trying to figure out what to do. We make about 50 phone calls to our travel agent via pay phone and found out that we could catch the cruise at one of the ports in Alaska. So after staying the night in Canada and getting a much needed full night's of sleep, we took two more flights to Ketchikan, AK where we stayed the night until we could catch the cruise the next morning.

Here's a view outside our hotel window in Ketchikan.This was taken at 10pm! Did I mention that sunrise was at 4:00 am and sunset was at 11pm? I didn't get wake up early enough to see a sunrise or stayed up late enough to see a sunset... boo.

We were told we had to board the ship in Ketchikan before 8am that morning. You would think we finally caught a break after all the hectic traveling the past two days, right? What if I told you we forgot to adjust to Alaska time (we were still in Vancouver time) and we were an hour off which almost caused us to miss the ship again? Imagine the frenzy we were in rushing to pack up all of our things and trying to get on the boat on time! In the end, we did make it on time with 2 minutes left to spare!

The first day on the cruise ship (cruise day 3) I actually saw a whales! I was so excited and my mood about the trip definitely started to pick up. I also saw a couple seals, jumping fish and a bald eagle! I was still upset I didn't see a polar bear though...

 On day 4 we ported at Juneau, Alaska. For most of the day it was raining and gloomy, but we still had fun exploring the town. This may or may not have been my 4th cup of coffee that day... whoops.

Glacier bay national park! Sadly it was raining the whole time we were out seeing this glacier, but it was still a beautiful site. Also, they were giving out hot chocolate while we were out looking at the glaciers! Mmmm, warm hot chocolate and a beautiful view!

Formal night! Formal night is always my favorite because I love dressing up! The night was filled with yummy food and beautiful scenery. Here's a photo of my brother and two of our cousins. The four of us grew up together and are the closest in age out of all our cousins so it's always fun to see them. By the way, don't we all just look so patriotic in our color choices that night? You can find my post on my formal outfit here

Last day of the cruise! On the last day we visited College Fjord to view a lot of pretty glaciers. I don't remember the name of this glacier or any of the glaciers we visited... (I know, I'm terrible), but I do remember that this was such a beautiful sight! Even though the last day was wonderful and spent looking at beautiful glaciers I did had something put a damper on my day. Later that night I went to go watch a show with my cousin and I had realized I lost my phone. ): We spent a good 45 minutes to an hour searching the entire theatre and retracing my steps. I also contacted lost and found and it was no where to be found. Bummer. I would have post more cool pics but most of them were on my phone. /:

Other than the multiple delayed flights that occurred going to and from Alaska (I ended up having to take 6 flights this whole trip!) and bumps along the road, I still had a great time with my family. If any one is visiting Alaska any time soon or going on a cruise there please let me know!

July 23, 2015

Oh Shift!

Dress: Forever 21 // Wedges: Target // Watch: Michael Kors //
Pear Bracelet: Forever 21 // Gold Bangle: Dailylook // Silver Bangle: Forever 21

I love wearing shift dresses, especially for dinners. Why? Because I can eat as much as I want and it won’t show my food baby. Win! Since we missed the first two days of the cruise, we only got to go to one formal night on the ship. For dinner I wore a navy and white shift dress, some brown wedges and stacked on some arm candy. I thought my outfit was very nautical looking, fitting right?

I find that people dress in a wide variety on formal nights on cruise ships. They range from wearing a simple Sunday dress and flats to all out prom dresses with heels. What I often hear for advice to dress on formal night is to wear what ever you feel comfortable wearing. Personally I love dressing up and what I chose to wear I think is a little causal. The reason why I didn’t bring a more formal dress to wear is because it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase and it would be more of a hassle to iron it (lazy status).

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