The day is finally here! Lilly Pulitzer is in target! I've been waiting for the day that Target launches their Lilly Pulitzer collection for months and unfortunately it was a let down for me. Target opened their doors at 8 am this morning and within minutes the entire collection was sold out! Crazy right? At first I thought it was just my Target, but it happened to every Target in my area and I have been reading tweets that others have experienced the same thing. I was defiantly not prepared for the collection to be sold out so fast and unfortunately I left the store empty handed. The collection is even sold out online!

I think what I'm most disappointed about with this experience was the fact that people bought a whole stock of Lilly items just to resell on Ebay for double or triple the price. Really? There's no need to buy a shift dress that was retailed at $38 in store to sell online for $150. This should be an exciting time to have limited edition Lilly items out for an affordable price not an opportunity to make a profit out of it.

On a lighter note, I'm crossing my fingers that Target will hear all the demands for more and restock soon! Here are some of the pieces I had my eyes on from the collection (obsessing over the fan dance shift dress and the pineapple sandals!). 

Did you get lucky and managed to snag something from the collection? If so, please share and tell me what you got! 

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