Vest: Red Dress Boutique // Royal Blue Top: Forever 21 // Plaid scarf: Forever 21//
White statement necklace: Forever 21 // Ankle boots: Forever 21

Since the leaves are starting to change color I thought it would be appropriate to go out and and pick up some staple pieces for the fall weather.

For a while now I have been obsessing over vests and I been getting outfit ideas from Pinterest or just from girls on my college campus. I decided to purchase a vest from Red Dress Boutique which is a very close dupe to the herringbone vest from Jcrew. Even though the vest was about $100 cheaper than the Jcrew one, the purchase was still a splurge for me, but as soon as I tried it on I knew it was worth every penny. 

Royal blue is one of my favorite colors to wear so when I saw this Royal blue 3/4 sleeve length top from Forever 21, I knew I had to have it. My favorite part about the top is the high neckline which will look great with a statement necklace. 

I was really excited about the plaid scarf I had ordered from Forever 21 until I had tried it on. I love the color combination, material and shape of the scarf. The only down fall is the scarf is massive. I'm talking about it can be mistaken as a blanket massive. I haven't decided if I want to return it or try to play around with it yet. 

For the longest time I have been searching for the perfect brown ankle boots and I think I just might have found the pair! After reading a lot of positive reviews on Forever 21 I decided to order the boots. The boots are the right color and the perfect height for me. I can't wait to start styling them!

I'm so excited about all of my new pieces for fall, now the only thing missing is actual fall weather... 

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