Mickey's not so scary, it's really not so scary.... ooo ooo ooo!

Let me know down below if you any of you sang along to that like I did when I typed it out! If you did, gold stars all around, if not... well... YOU NEED TO GOT TO THE MICKEY'S NOT SO SCARY HALLOWEEN PARTY THEN!  Luck for you I put together my top tips on attending the party so you can make the most out of your time there!

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If you follow me on Instagram then you may know that this past weekend I had made a trip to Disney World for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! It was so fun to be back at my happy place and being reunited with my former roommates. I had so much fun trick-or-treating with my favorite pals, running around the parks and getting into the Halloween spirit at the party. Today I thought it'd be fun to share my experience with you all and give you all some tips and tricks so you all can get the most out of the Halloween party! The party does last till Halloween, so be sure to plan on booking your trip ASAP if you plan on attending the party this year!

What to expect...

The MNSSHP is a special evening event at the Magic Kingdom where guests can enjoy Halloween festivities such as Trick-Or-Treating, Halloween themed rides, and shows such as the Boo to You parade and the Hocus Pocus Villian Spelltacular show. Guests are also allowed to dress up in Halloween costumes for this event which normally is allowed for Guests under the age of 14. But, please be aware that your costumes must be tasteful and family-friendly, this is a family park after all!

During the party, The Magic Kingdom will be filled with various Trick or Treating stations and a variety of additional characters to meet! This is a great time to meet some of the more rare characters that are only out during special events. During the party, some of your favorite rides such as Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain are sprinkled with a little bit of extra pixie dust to make it a little spookier for the season.

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Tips for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

1. Get there early!
Guests for the MNSSHP are allowed to enter the park as early as 4pm and they don't start pushing non-ticketed guests out till 6:00pm. From my experience, the park gets pretty busy with guests arriving at the party around 5:00/5:30 so I suggest getting there a little early to beat the crowds AND you get to enjoy the park for a little longer (you'll also have some extra daylight to get all your Insta photos in!).

2. Watch the later shows
As tempting it may be to see the earlier shows, everyone is going to be just excited to see them as well. All of the earlier shows will be a lot busier, so take advantage of this and hit up your favorite rides or trick-or-treat stations since the lines will be a lot shorter! The later shows will be just as cute, I promise!

3. Watch the Boo To You parade in Adventure Land
Just like the Festival of Fantasy parade, the Boo to You parade starts off in Adventure land and feeds into Main Street. I like watching the parade in Adventure Land a lot better because it's usually less crowded and you won't have to wait as long for the parade to come around!

4. Dress light
If you plan on dressing up / or just picking your outfit for the Halloween party in general, keep in mind that temperatures in Orlando are still in the upper 80's and pretty humid! We don't want anyone to pass out from being too hot!

5. Watch Hallowishes on Main Street
We had heard from a few cast members that you are able to watch the fireworks show at any location in the Magic Kingdom and it was not projection heavy like it is for Happily Ever After. Even though this is true that you can see them at any spot, we made the mistake of watching them in Fantasyland versus on Main Street. We were able to see some pretty fireworks, but I feel like you just can't see the full effect of everything unless you're in front of the castle on Main Street. Plus, you won't have to do a whole lot of turning around since the fireworks are shot off in different directions.

6. Prioritize! 
Do you wanna go ride all of the rides? Snag all the festive treats? Meet all of your favorite characters? Since the party is available for a short time frame, prioritizing what you want to do is important to fit everything you want to do in. Personally, I suggest placing meeting all of your favorite rare characters high on your list versus waiting in lines for the rides.

The lines for rides will be shorter at this time, but many of them you can enjoy as is outside of the party. I do suggest if you are going to fit in rides into your schedule, Space Mountain is a MUST DO. For Space Mountain, the ride is completely in the dark and it is a little scarier, but so much fun!!

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Ok friends, so those are my top tips on conquering the MNSSHP! I hope you all found this post helpful and let me know down below if you've been / planning on going to the Halloween party this year! Also, leave your tips for attending the Halloween party or any Disney special event down below. I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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