Happy Wednesday friends!

I hope you are having a great week so far. It's right in the middle of my finals week at my university and things have been a little hectic lately both my personal and school life! With the holidays being here, there have been several fun events popping up that I'm looking forward to this week. 

Tomorrow I'm hosting a fun Christmas dinner with a few of my friends before some of them graduate and/or head home for the holidays. Friday I'm headed to a fun blogger event as well as a few other festive parties and celebrations that around continuing on throughout the weekend. 

Now, on to today's post... If you've seen my last few outfits posts you may start to see a reoccurring theme... print mixing! I have been really into starting to experiment with mixing around different prints lately and wanted to share some tips I've learned along the way with you all. 

Keep everything else simple

Ever heard of KISS? Keep It Simple Silly! When mixing prints I like to keep the rest of my outfit simple to keep things from crashing and to make the pattern mixing the main focus of my outfit. My go-to is typically all black, it really helps make the pattern mixing really pop.

Mix larger prints with smaller prints

To keep from the patterns with clashing with each other or to keep things from looking too busy, pair your larger prints with smaller ones. Small stripes work well with plaid prints or small floral prints with large stripes works too! 

Stripes as a neutral

Classic black and white stripes can go with pretty much everything. Treat stripes as a neutral and the possibilities are endless, especially if you want to introduce more colors or louder prints in your pattern mixing.

Subtle Pops

Mixing prints doesn't necessarily have to mean putting a striped top over a floral skirt. If you're new to pattern mixing, subtle pop of pattern is a fun way to add a playful element to your outfit.

1 Dominating print and 1 accent print

Pick a print to be the star of the show and a smaller print to accent it. With this, I like to keep the color pallet relatively simple to make sure everything else isn't clashing with each other.

Keep the color pallet simple

Again, you don't want too much going on when you're mixing prints. Keep the color pallet simple with maybe black, white and a pop of color for starters. Another tip is when you are mixing prints, try finding a common color in the two prints to help make it look more cohesive.

Have fun with it!

Last but not least, have fun with it! Fashion is supposed to be fun and in all reality, there's really no right or wrong way to wear something. Wear what YOU want, how YOU like it. At the end of the day you're the one sporting the look, don't care what others think! 

I hope you all found this post helpful and inspired you to experiment with prints this season! Let me know down below if you like to mix prints and what your two favorite prints to mix are! I hope you all have a wonderful day and be sure to come back tomorrow for a new blogmas post!

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